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Science in Fort Collins


Who knew science could be so fun? Whether you're getting hands-on at the science center or seeing injured birds of prey up close as they are rehabilitated, Fort Collins offers many opportunities for learning while you have fun. Check out some of your choices below.

CSU Environmental Learning Center
3745 East Prospect Road #205
(970) 491-1661

Explore the riparian woodlands and signs of wildlife at the 200 acre Environmental Learning Center. Trails, raptor cages, garden and other attractions. Explore on your own or arrange a guided hike.

Fort Collins Museum of Discovery
408 Mason Court
(970) 221-6738

Explore the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery in Fort Collins! Just 60 miles from Denver and 45 miles from Cheyenne, FCMoD blends science, history and culture into an interactive and engaging museum that literally offers the best of all worlds! With hands-on exhibits, a 42-foot long plesiosaur, a state-of-the-art Digital Dome that immerses you into the action, and a nationally recognized interactive music experience that lets you create and play music, the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery is an experience not to be missed. Visit today! 970.221.6738

Garbage Garage Education Center
5887 South Taft Hill Road
(970) 498-5780
(970) 498-5772

The Garbage Garage Education Center is full of colorful and interactive displays that help visitors of all ages learn about reducing, reusing, and recycling. Call for hours.

Science Toy Magic
11 Old Town Square, Ste. 119
(970) 484-2377

Come Play with the Toys! -floating top, revolving globes, boomerangs -shoot an airblast 20 feet -juggle clubs, balls and scarves -bounce the original superball, Khet 2.0 Laser Game and so much more! 65 toys sold here first in the USA!