Farm to Table

Fort Collins agriculture and farming roots run deep. They play as strong of a role in the community today as they did when the town was homesteaded. Our agricultural and farming culture reaches from the rich soil in which we farm and garden to the University and farther to our dining tables.

Our local chefs have found a way to incorporate this heritage with their craft by offering farm-to-table dining. Resident chefs visit local markets and farms each week to ensure their plates feature the freshest produce grown in northern Colorado. Many local farms raise free-range, hormone-free beef and poultry while also reintroducing heirloom fruits and vegetables. Enjoy farm-to-table dining on the farm, in a restaurant or at home with farmers’ market produce.


Fortified Collaborations is helping to promote and raise awareness for the very rich and thriving local food and farm scene that has exploded in Fort Collins and Northern Colorado. Pictured on the left is the Bounty Local Food and Farm Guide that is a special publication of Fortified Collaborations and Rocky Mountain Publishing, Inc. Please use this magazine as a resource for questions concerning local farms, farm-to-table dining, and local food sourcing. 

Farm to Table

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