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Dining & Nightlife in Fort Collins

Dining & Nightlife

Eat, drink and be merry. In Fort Collins your options are open - in the mood for sushi? Steak? A cinnamon roll the size of a softball?? All that, and more, waits in local restaurants and when the occasion calls for a friendly libation and live music, Fort Collins? watering holes are more than up for the challenge. And the beer in Fort Collins is world class!

Downtown offers a wide range of options, from pizza to a quick healthy lunch, fine dining to Internet cafes. From the intersection of College and Mountain Avenues, the heart of Fort Collins, you can walk three blocks in any direction and find something to satisfy your appetite and your wallet. If you're staying in a hotel on the Harmony corridor, your options for dining are just as vast. Looking for a hearty meal after a day on the trails? Local and well-known flavors abound from steaks to seafood, from margaritas to mojitos, you are sure to find it all.

Cuisines from around the world are represented in restaurants throughout the city, so grab a fork (or chopsticks) and begin exploring Fort Collins' food and fun!